Rihanna: The New Face of Dior’s Iconic J’Adore

Luxury and elegance are synonymous with Dior, and now, the legendary brand has announced a sensational collaboration with global superstar Rihanna. The Barbados-born singer is the new ambassador for J’Adore, a fragrance that has enchanted women worldwide since its launch in 1999.

Rihanna's partnership with Dior marks a new chapter for the iconic perfume, bringing her unparalleled charisma, beauty, and creativity into the heart of the brand. Known for her bold style and dynamic presence, Rihanna perfectly embodies the essence of J’Adore – a scent designed for powerful, liberated, and independent women.

In a press release, Dior expressed their excitement, stating, "Rihanna, with her immeasurable talents and universal appeal, is the perfect muse for J’Adore." This partnership is not just an honor but a mission for Rihanna, who has long been an admirer of the fragrance. She looks forward to contributing her unique story, roots, and femininity to the J’Adore legacy.

The new campaign, shot by her long-time friend Steven Klein, will debut on September 1, promising a fresh and captivating portrayal of this beloved perfume. As Véronique Courtois, CEO of Parfums Christian Dior, enthused, “Rihanna’s golden dream reflects a fragrance that remains radiant and powerful for all women.”

With notes of blood orange and neroli, crafted by master perfumer Calice Becker, J’Adore continues to be a symbol of luxury and sophistication. This partnership with Rihanna is set to elevate the fragrance to new heights, connecting with a diverse, global audience.

Rihanna’s venture into the fragrance world isn’t new. Since 2011, she has developed several perfumes of her own, though none have achieved the global impact of J’Adore. However, her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, has been a tremendous success, demonstrating her influence and business acumen. With the backing of LVMH’s Kendo Brands, Fenty Beauty has revolutionised the industry with its inclusive product range.

In 2019, Rihanna also launched Fenty, a fashion brand financed by LVMH. Although it faced challenges and was eventually shuttered during the pandemic, her lingerie label Savage X Fenty has flourished, becoming a major commercial venture. This new role with Dior adds another impressive milestone to Rihanna’s multifaceted career.

Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter for J’Adore, as Rihanna brings her extraordinary flair to the world of Dior.